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Supersonic Phonic Friends

Supersonic Phonic Friends Parent Workshop 2021.pptx

Big Cat Collins Progression Chart

We are using Supersonic Phonic Friends as our systematic phonic scheme. It is a DFE validated phonic scheme.

Phonics is using the sounds in words to blend and segment to help with reading and writing. Please be careful when you sound out at home – make sure you don’t add an “uh” on the end of the letters I have added a link to help.


Your child will work on the sounds at school, and they will be given with one or two books to read at home. Please do not worry about what is written on the back of the book or the stage, these books have been selected and ordered carefully with experts, to follow the phonic sounds that are delivered in class. Try to set aside time each night to read and learn the sounds or any tricky words, (if there is a word which is written in blue on the inside cover of the book – you must tell your child what it says – “If in blue, show me what to do!”) Please ensure your child returns their books and reading diary each day with any comments about how their child is progressing with you. Your class teacher will write targets in the children’s diary for you to work on with your child.

In addition to the phonic reading books, your child will come home with a reading for pleasure book from our school library – enjoy this with your child, explore the story and talk about what happened and the characters or information that might be within it.

Reading relies heavily on home and school teamwork – reading unlocks the whole world!