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Charity Fundraising Day

10 November 2020 (by admin)

On Friday 27th November we shall be having our termly fundraising day, supporting Race for Life, Latics Food for Thought & Gambia (Abuko Nursery School).

Many of our families have been touched by cancer, which of course has not gone away just because Covid has hit the headlines. We also want to support Oldham Athletic’s Food For Thought appeal, which sets out to support families in Oldham struggling to find enough food this Christmas. On top of this, we made a commitment several years ago to support the education of ten children in Gambia at the Abuko Nursery School and we have pledged £200 per year (£20 per child whose education we sponsor).

We are asking the children to come to school in colours representing the Gambian flag- red, blue and green- and during the day they will walk or run a distance within the school grounds.

All donations to be made via the ParentMail App ( under <payments> then select the shopping trolley icon at the bottom of the screen). Suggested donation is £1.00 but the option is there if you would like to donate more. Please note: we will not be accepting cash in school.

Thank you for your continued support