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Face masks to be worn by adults

20 April 2021 (by admin)

I have received some communication from parents concerned that others have not been wearing face masks in the school grounds.

It is not a statutory requirement that parents do so, but a request by the school that all adults wear masks at drop off and collection times unless they are exempt and have shared this fact with me. Throughout the pandemic Hey with Zion has tried to be a little more rigorous about safety precautions than we have been required to do.

Whether you yourself think face masks should be worn or not, I ask you please to do so (unless exempt) for now. Even if it had no medical benefit it would reassure others and remove worry.

We are currently looking at increasing the numbers of children able to eat hot meals, and you will be aware that extra curricular clubs are starting up too; extra (tutoring) staff have been in school since before Easter and all our regular staff are now back in school.

We are edging back to normality, but please let us do this in a step by step way.

If you can continue with the face masks for now, it would be widely appreciated. Thank you