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  2. Hot school dinners will be offered to all, again, from Tuesday 4th May 2021.

Hot school dinners will be offered to all, again, from Tuesday 4th May 2021.

29 April 2021 (by admin)

We want hot meals available to all, but have been unable to manage this during the pandemic so far, hence they have been provided only for the younger half of the school.

This is because of the need to keep bubbles separate from each other, and the recommendation that children should sit side by side rather than face to face. The government recommendation stipulated this in classrooms, but we applied the same principle quite logically to the dining hall too.

We have staggered lunch times and we have made sure, as always, surfaces in the dining hall are cleaned between uses.

Coronavirus incidences are currently much lower than they have been- latest Public Health Oldham figures state 32 per 100,000.

It has never been an instruction that we “cannot” have hot lunches in school; it has been a case of assessing the risk. The government guidance has stated “where possible.”

The adaptations have been and are always intended to be temporary: at some point we want to move back towards “normality” of some description.
I believe that now is the time to open up hot meals for all.

“Bubbles” will still be eat separately from each other, windows in the hall will still be open; but children will again sit face to face in the dining hall. At the current tables which are quite wide, their faces are not very close to each other and I think it is permissible for the children now to eat hot dinners again in the hall

Payment will be, as before, via Parent Mail on a Monday for the week ahead. Please note that school dinners are now £2.55 per day, £12.75 per 5 day week.