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SATS Results!

5 July 2022 (by admin)

This year's SATS results were published today and we are delighted that they show our children have excelled despite the struggles of the last 2 years!

To be honest, over the period these children have been in Key Stage Two there have seemed at times more important matters than fronted adverbials to occupy their minds.

However, having had such a disrupted Key Stage Two experience- neither their Year Four nor Year Five was typical of what other cohorts have experienced- that their outcomes are still a considerable way ahead of what the rest of the country generally managed before the pandemic is tremendous testimony to them, their parents and the staff.

Thank you all for your support over the weeks, months and years leading to these fabulous outcomes.

Please follow the link below to our school blog where you can see our statistics and how well we have done in relation to the national figures.