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Parent Mail - Forms!

2 April 2019 (by admin)

We now have access to the 'forms' section of the ParentMail app.

This makes it much easier for parents to complete forms online as they will open on your screen, you will be able to fill them in and simply press 'submit'.  We're sure you'll agree this is much simpler than the current emailing method of requesting and submitting information.

We now have 99% of families registered to receive texts, 98% to receive emails, 93% have a ParentMail account and 70% of families are using the mobile app! 

We will, in the future, be using more features of the app and from September all communication home will be via email.  We would encourage all parents to register and download the app.  It is not essential that you download the app, but if you do, you will be notified of emails delivered rather than spotting them within your email inbox. In addition the completion and submission of form will be much easier. We're sure you'll agree this is a much more efficient way of contacting you hopefully, avoiding missing any important communications.

The app is ParentMail and can be downloaded the app from Google Play Store or Apple iTunes.   

If you have not already done so, please could you give the office your current email address and help us reach 100% paperless communication!

You should by now have received a text and/or email inviting you to register with ParentMail.  If you need us to forward another invitation please just ask at the office.