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Coronavirus - Measures in School

13 March 2020 (by admin)

We are trying to maintain school running as smoothly as possible in spite of the widespread coronavirus concerns, but need to be responsible in reducing risk where possible.

We have cancelled assemblies until further notice and are changing mealtime practices so as to reduce crowding. We have also strongly advocated good hygiene practices e.g. regular hand washing and provided tissues where children haven't brought their own.

We have decided not quite to "self isolate" the school, but to reduce the number of outsiders coming in who work in a number of different schools. Therefore, for now, we are stopping the following activities:

* Man United P.E. (Mondays)
* Oldham Athletic staff in school (Tuesdays and Fridays)
* Chess lessons (Wednesdays)
* Music services (choir, brass, guitar)

Where parents have paid money for these, refunds will be given at the end of the school year.