Hey with Zion CofE / Methodist Primary School

Catch-up Premium

The "Catch Up Premium" is a ring fenced fund provided to schools to help children make accelerated progress this year to make up for lost learning during the lockdown.

Our school will receive £22000, all of which will be spent on recruiting two teachers to work with us (via the supply teaching agency) to provide interventions over a ten week period from Foundation Stage to Year Six.

(Foundation Stage and Key Stage One five weeks, morning and afternoon, Key Stage Two: a ten week period of mornings for Years 3 and 4, afternoons for Years 5 and 6)

We shall prioritise reading and phonics in the youngest ages, English and Maths with the older children, the children working in groups of no more than three at a time.


Catch Up Premium Statement

Hey with Zion is receiving £21990 2020-21 and 2021-22 by means of Catch Up Premium

This is to be spent:



To fund 1:1 and very small group tuition for 75 children, in school hours, via the N.T.P.


30 Chromebooks to allow longer term loan of hardware to support online learning of disadvantaged children


“Speech Bubbles” language and communication  intervention for Foundation Stage and Key Stage One pupils (delivered by Oldham Theatre Workshop and subsidised by Paul Hamlyn Foundation’s COVID Recovery Programme)


1:1 and small group tuition after hours and at weekends