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This week's internet safety tip:

A simple rule for younger children should be that the child should not give out their name, phone number or photo without your approval. Older children using social networking sites like Facebook should be encouraged to be selective about what personal information and photos they post to online spaces. Regardless of privacy settings, once material is online you can no longer control who sees it or how it is used.

If you have any concerns that a child may be suffering harm, neglect or abuse, please phone Oldham's Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub:



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Attendance Board


 Weekly  Year to date


87% 89.8%




Reception/Year 1

79.3% 87.9%

Year 1/2

90.6% 95.7%

Year 2

88% 94.2%

Year 3



Year 3/4

98.5% 96..3%

Year 4

90.6% 93.1%

Year 5O and 5S

89% & 91.5% 96.9% & 94.2%

Year 6

79.4% 93.9%


Whole School attendance:

87.9% week ending 21 January 2022  

      94.1%  Year to date 

Our core values are: to live life to the full; thankfulness; respectfulness; being kind; forgiveness; charity.

Jesus said, "I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." (John, 10:10)
Within the love of God we strive to do the best we can for ourselves and others.

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