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Charity Fundraising Day27Nov2020

Race for Life, Latics Food for Thought & Gambia Day

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Attendance Board


 Weekly  Year to date


92.6% 91.1%




Reception/Year 1

93.8% 93.7%

Year 1/2

93.4% 96.5%

Year 2

98.4% 98.3%

Year 3



Year 3/4

97.2% 94.8%

Year 4

94.6% 93.3%

Year 5D and 5M

0% & 87.8% 96.3% & 89.9%

Year 6

96.2% 92%


Whole School attendance:

94.5% week ending 13 November 2020   

         94.3%        Year to date 

Jesus said, "I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." (John, 10:10)
Within the love of God we strive to do the best we can for ourselves and others.

Latest News

  • We want very much to celebrate Christmas in school, but to do so safely.
  • On Friday 27th November we shall be having our termly fundraising day, supporting Race for Life, Latics Food for Thought & Gambia (Abuko Nursery School).
  • We have been made aware of parents bringing puppies in to school when dropping off or picking up their child.
  • We need everyone to follow the guidelines which apply to Oldham residents and anyone visiting our borough.
  • Hey with Zion will be joining with St. Edward’s in a “Walk To School Week” commencing 5th October 2020.
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