Hey with Zion CofE / Methodist Primary School

Warm Banks

Warm Banks : www.oldham.gov.uk/info/201222/help_in_a_crisis/2898/warm_banks   - please follow the link for more information and opening times

Current warm banks:

Alt Community Centre - OL8 2HS,

Apfel Lane Community Centre – OL9 9TA,

Chadderton Library and Wellbeing Centre – OL9 0JW,

Crompton Library – OL2 8QY,

Delph Library – OL3 5JG,

Dovetails Christian Centre – OL2 8UY,

Failsworth Library – M35 0FJ,

Fitton Hill Library – OL8 2QD,

Glodwick Cricket Club – OL8 2JE,

Greenacres Community Centre – OL4 3EU,

Greenfield Library – OL3 7EQ,

Holy Trinity Church – OL1 2DB,

Honeywell– OL8 3BP,

Lees Library Community Hub – OL4 5DA,

Lees Eco Park Hub – OL4 3JW,

Limehurst Library – OL8 3HH,

Nelson Way Community Centre – OL9 8NL,

Neon Community Centre – OL4 2DQ,

Northmoor Library – OL9 6DH, OL1

Barker Street Community Centre – OL1 2AD,

Oldham Library and Lifelong Learning Centre – OL1 2AD,

Over 60’s Centre, OL9 9QU,

Ridgefield Street Community Centre – M35 0LQ ,

Royton Library @ Trinity Church – OL2 5QR,

Salvation Army – OL2 8QY,

Sholver and Moorside Community Centre – OL1 4NT,

South Chadderton Methodist Church – OL9 8LX,

St.Barnabus Church – OL4 1NL,

St.James Thornham – OL2 6UW,

St.Mary’s Church – OL2 7PP,

The Crossley Centre – OL9 9GA,

The Primrose Centre – OL8 1HX,

Uppermill Civic Hall – OL3 6AE,

Uppermill Library – OL3 6AP,

Wernerth and Freehold Community Development Project – OL9 7QU