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Hey with Zion is an accredited school with National Online Safety. Parents have free access to many courses by following the link below:


The information provided here is brought to you by the team at the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre. We hope you find it useful.

Find the latest information on the sites you like to visit, mobiles and new technology. Find out what’s good, what’s not and what you can do about it.

Most importantly, there’s also a place which anyone can use to report if they feel uncomfortable or worried about someone they are chatting to online.

We help children stay safe online. Has someone acted inappropriately towards you online, or to a child or young person you know? It may be sexual chat, being asked to do something that makes you feel uncomfortable or someone being insistent on meeting up.

You can make a report to CEOP about a child in danger of abuse. This could be you or someone you know or care for.

Supporting Young People On-line

Information and advice for parents and carers can be found following the link below:

Supporting Young People Online

Think You Know

Ages 5 – 7

If you are 5, 6 or 7, I bet you probably like to use the computer for fun.

This website will help you go on the internet in a safe way and know who to talk to if you are worried.

You can also find out about Lee & Kim’s adventures or watch Hector and his friends learning to use computers safely!

Children's Internet Safety Test


Think You Know

Age 8 – 10

If you’re between 8 and 10, you probably know a lot about using the internet.

This area shows you what we think is good, look at what’s not and show you ways you can get yourself out of bad situations.

This site aims to make online parenting simple.

You might be struggling to keep up with the things your child is doing online, you might wonder whether what they are doing is safe, and you might also be thinking how can I be as good a parent online as I am offline?

Here you’ll find practical tips and simple guidance.

What is Facebook? Is Facebook safe? What are the risks involved in social networking? How do we parent Facebook users?

Ways to monitor your child’s Facebook activities; Scams, spam, phishing and social engineering, Managing your privacy on Facebook, Facebook’s new, simplified ‘inline’ privacy settings, Facebook for mobile, Reporting problems, Reporting a person and Reporting specific posts.