Hey with Zion Primary School



Roles & Responsibilities

The three core functions of a school governing body are:
1/ setting the vision,
2/ holding the headteacher to account for the school’s educational performance and
3/ ensuring money is well spent

“Governing boards are the strategic decision makers and vision setters in every school and academy. They play a vital role in ensuring the best possible education for every child by creating robust accountability for school leaders. Crucially, that means using and being familiar with objective data on the performance of pupils, teachers and finances to ask the right questions and ensure resources are allocated to school priorities. It also means ensuring that schools prepare pupils for life and the workplace by building their character and resilience and by implementing their Prevent duty to protect them from the risks of extremism and radicalisation. As we move towards an increasingly school-led system, the importance of boards’ role will only continue to grow.” –
John Nash  Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Schools



Category of governor

Appointed by

Date of Appointment 

Term of office

Committee membership

Positions of responsibility

Malcolm Milwain Foundation Zion Methodist Church 16.09.2015 16.09.2020
Finance incl. Premises, Staffing and Pay;
Headteacher Performance Management

Chair of Governors for Hey with Zion, Springhead Infant School and St Thomas’ Leesfield School, 

Headteacher performance objectives

Anne Schofield Foundation St Johns Church  04.06.2012 10.03.2021

Curriculum & Standards 


Vice Chair,  Headteacher performance objectives

Reverend Lyn Woodall Foundation Ex-Officio St John's Church  06.11.20185 Open ended

Safeguarding & Ethos


Reverend Natalie Hackett Foundation Ex-Officio Zion Methodist Church 01.09.2019 Open ended

Safeguarding & Ethos

 Denise Elstub Co-opted  St Johns Church



Open ended


School Council Governor; Curriculum & Standards;
Safeguarding & Ethos;  SEND & Inclusion Governor
 Janet Morrish Co-opted School 03.11.2016 07.11.2020


Finance incl, Premises, Staffing and Pay
Chair of Finance incl, Premises, Staffing and Pay
Financial Health;
Human Resources Education; Financial Health and Efficiency - Lead Governor;
Health & Safety Governor; School Council Governor; Healthy Food Governor
Sarah Patterson Staff School 06.10.2014 05.10.2021  


Curriculum &  Standards;
Safeguarding & Ethos
Closing the gap lead for EAL children
Sara Machin Co-opted School 10.03.2020 09.03.2024 Curriculum & Standards; Safeguarding & Ethos



Andrew Clowes Headteacher School 25.03.2015 Open ended
Finance incl. Premises, Staffing and Pay;
Curriculum & Standards;
Safeguarding & Ethos


Kate Sanderson

Local Authority



Curriculum & Standards; Safeguarding & Ethos
Chair of
Curriculum & Standards; Chair of Safeguarding;
Science Governor

Phillip Coates





Finance, Premises and Staffing

Christian Bradley





Finance, Premises and Staffing; Curriculum & Standards

Tammy Faulkner




18.11.2023 Finance, Premises & Staffing