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  • Inclusive School Award
    We are very proud to be able to tell you that Hey with Zion has been awarded the Inclusive Schools Award.
  • Video Lessons from Home
    Please find below a link to video lessons which your children can do from home.
  • Work for Home
    We have had several enquiries from parents regarding work being sent home for children during the current school closure.
  • Coronavirus: will absence be authorised?
    The school must follow strict guidance about when and whether to authorise absences.
  • Make a Difference Day
    On Friday 20 March each class will be 'making a difference' for their chosen charities.
  • Coronavirus - Measures in School
    We are trying to maintain school running as smoothly as possible in spite of the widespread coronavirus concerns, but need to be responsible in reducing risk where possible.
  • Coronavirus - advice and help
    The Department for Education now has a dedicated helpline to answer questions about COVID-19 related to education.
  • RED Day - 'little people' on their way!
    Our school was a sea of red on Valentine's Day as children came dressed in red to support our fund raising initiative to purchase 'little people' traffic bollards.
  • Damage to Resident's Property
    Please could we ask parents to take care when dropping off or picking up children, that you are mindful of resident's property.
  • Paying Online via ParentMail
    The introduction of ParentMail has gone very well and we are virtually paperless in our communications which is saving funds and time which benefits the school in all areas. However, the uptake of online payments has not been so successful.
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