Hey with Zion CofE / Methodist Primary School

Playground Places

Netball/Basketball (KS1)

Take turns and share the ball


You must change your footwear to play on the All Weather Pitch

Mr Platt will organise teams

The Field

Play Agents or grown-ups will organise what we have.

Trim Trail

Classes to take daily turns – Lead Mid-day will tell you whose turn it is each day before you go out to the playground.


Take turns and share the ‘stone’ – no overcrowding

Games Tables

Chess and Snakes & Ladders sets will be brought out each lunchtime. Please share and take turns. All pieces to be returned to the boxes at the end of lunchtime


Your space to chat and Chill

Watch the games

Talk with your mates.




Y5/6 Fountain.

Playtime places – respect & be safe.

Calm and happy playtimes are down to you! If you are bothered about something or have any ideas, see any of the following:- Play Agent, School Councillor or a Grown-Up.