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School Council

Our school council is voted for democratically by the junior children. There are two representatives per class and regular meetings are held to discuss school issues.

The new school council are currently working on their web page and hope to bring you lots of news and information very shortly.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank last year’s school council for all the hard work they put in on behalf of the school.

The work of a School Councillor is very demanding and each Councillor has to give up a lot of personal time. They have meetings to attend, children to help and ideas to suggest to the school’s grown-ups.


The School Council

A Personal View

The purpose of the School Council is to exercise the right to communicate ideas about our school.

The School Council asks children to set free their ideas about how they want to change the school. We meet every few weeks and discuss what we can do in our school.

Now and again we have surgeries so that the children can express how they feel about the school by talking to their Councillors. We take sensible ideas to our Head Teacher. In the past, we have helped to re-design parts of the school.

At the moment, the School Council and the Play Agents are designing an ‘Anti-Bully’ leaflet. We want to tell everyone about bullying and how we can work together to stop bullying. We have also got an anti-bully drama group. The group is making a play for an assembly.

The School Council also communicates outside of school. Recently, two School Councillors went to a Lees Village community meeting to discuss with adults and other School Councillors, what can happen in the future of Lees.

"I think being a School Councillor has built up my confidence and helped me to speak in public. I also think it is a good way to help the school"


What Makes Our School Unique!

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