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  • Healthy Schools Award
    We have won a diamond (top level) Healthy Schools Award for the second year in succession!
  • Heritage Award
    We have been awarded "Heritage School" status for our work in History..
  • Please do not send fruit juice in water bottles.
    As the weather has been warming up we have noticed several children bringing fruit juice in their water bottles.
  • Hey with Zion mobile app
    Our mobile app has now been running for 6 months and the feedback we have received is good! The app links to the website and contains lots of easily accessible information - and updates, sending a notification, when any changes are made to news items.
  • Ofsted Report
    You may recall we had an Ofsted inspection just before we broke for the summer holidays.
  • Partner school of Oldham Athletic
    We have become a partner school of Oldham Athletic, a relationship which will start with a before school futsal club on 18 April and promises much linking over the coming months ahead, leading into next school year.
  • Historical Association Gold Award
    Hey with Zion has been awarded the Historical Association’s Gold Award.
  • Primary Science Quality Mark
    Hey with Zion has been awarded a Primary Science Quality Mark by the Association for Science Education, a prestigious award which recognises the improvement in children’s Science learning at Hey with Zion over the last twelve months.
  • Nick Gibb MP – Congratulations!
    We recently received a lettter from Nick Gibb M.P. congratulating all at Hey with Zion for the very high level of progress pupils in our school are making. He says our results put us in the top 3% of the country in reading, writing and mathematics.
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